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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Announcement 2

This is a very sweet Birth Announcement that you can send to your family and friend.

How this works:
1. You send me 3 of your Favorite pictures and let me know what one is the front and one for the back (no more then 3 but no less them 1)

2. You will pick 2 color (no more then 2, no less then 1)

3. Give me all the info to be placed on there

4. Let me know what store you would like to have them printed at ( store name and address)
Stores: Wal-mart - 19 cent each and can be pick up in an hour
CVS - 19 cents each but did not say they will be ready in an hour
Walgreens - 19 cents each for and hour or more

What happens when I am done:
1. I will send you a thumbnail of the announcement
2. You tell me if you like it or if you would like to see it changed
3. You pay me with paypal
4. I will send it to the Photo Lab of the store you picked
5. Then go to the store and pick up and pay for your Announcement

I make all Announcements to be 4 x6 if you would like anything different please just ask. I WILL NOT work with Copy righted © info at all.

**I also can make these Announcements for a new house, just moved, Birthdays, Graduation,

Price $6.00


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